About Retable

What is Retable

Retable is a simplified spreadsheet and database hybrid software program used as online organization and collaboration tool. It is suitable for small and large businesses, NGOs and any other organization that relies on collaborative working practices. Retable can be used for:
  • Collaboration between teams/partners
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Managing marketing strategies
  • HR services
  • Managing sales teams
  • Managing individual workloads
Retable is a role and rule oriented cloud based system. It is highly customizable and can be adapted to meet the needs of individual organizations or even different projects within a single entity.
Retable provides centralized management of reference data in heterogeneous environments to aid workflow management.
Retable uses microservice architecture to avoid big data and performance problems traditionally associated with having multiple users. This ensures the client-server structure runs at optimum performance.
In order for different databases to work in a single repository data, a microservice data layer has been created for each database connection.
With the directory listing method, files placed in a certain place are automatically processed into the table and feedback is given to the user.
Columns on the screen have a parent-child relationship so the information is entered in a certain order.

What is Workspace

A Workspace is an area related to a Project. While each Project is focused on a unique area, a number of Projects can fall into similar business-operational categories.

What is Project

Projects are like spreadsheets and can contain a number of Tables.

What is Table

Tables are the building blocks of Projects. Each Project includes a number of Tables.

Why Retable?

  • Retable allows you to work on multiple excel and spreadsheet files at the same time.
  • Data manipulation is quick and easy.
  • Adaptable to meet the needs of a specific project.
  • Different views allow you to mix and match components.
  • Elegant visual user interface.
  • Multiple users at the same time work seamlessly on the same Retable in real time.
  • The user can authorize access on cell basis.
  • Increased security – The system performs data masking on columns determined by users.
  • Edit, manage, and share spreadsheets and data with the business team. No code required.
  • Store records and keep everything very organized.
  • Performs import and export transactions efficiently. Users can export the file in the desired format.
  • Save time with rule-based data approval flows.
  • Retable has snapshot history to track all changes.
  • Chat with other project members.
  • Provides simplified excel / data / table management for those who are not skilled in using technology.
  • Improves data quality and reduces data correction and cleansing time.
  • Has extensive data load capacity.
  • Works on all the related data on your table.
  • Retable easily connects with customer’s existing databases.
  • For some technical needs, you manage your own process without needing IT support.
  • Add files to a cell using a simple drag and drop method.
  • It has a grid view where you can revise your data.
  • Data Validation.
  • Charts.
  • Changing the way of structuring excel/data/information.

Who is Retable for?

Whatever your role, from HR to marketing, sales to project management and design, Retable has no limits! It provides first-class performance every day. Any business that uses spreadsheets and/or databases will benefit from choosing Retable as its main spreadsheet solution. Retable works for every type of project and every type of team, across all business levels and industries. It can be used by staff, clients, consumers and freelancers without the requirement for any technical skills.
  • Sales: Empower your sales team by putting everything they need, from pipeline tracking to lead management and customer relationship management in one place.
  • Marketing: Empower your marketing team with a single platform to generate, share and improve projects and ideas. From social media calendar management to content production timelines, collaborate across data and tasks.
  • Human Resources: Empower your HR team with advanced data and spreadsheet management tools. From employee onboarding to recruitment tracking and employee engagement surveys, Retable allows you to create an all-in-one HR database.
  • Project Management: Empower your project management team by helping them organise projects at a glance. From task tracking to contractor timeline management and pipelines, stay on track across all your projects.
  • Creative Teams: Empower your creative teams by helping them keep their inspiration and ideas in one place. Consolidate design project pipelines, create visual inspiration tables and collaborate with clients quickly and easily.

Retable Desktop App

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