Retable add-ons are available for you to enjoy productivity without being stuck with limits! πŸš€

Retable add-ons are essentially packages that you can install to bring some extra functionality into your spreadsheet app. For example, you can use add-ons to increase your row limits and attachment limits or have more automations. Add-ons for Retable can be a game-changer for your data management operations. If you’ve ever felt frustrated that Retable can’t do that one specific thing you need it to do, there might just be an add-on to help you with that.

Each addon has its own specific feature and its own usage area and is applied to various areas in your Retable account. While you can apply some add-ons to your entire workspace, you can apply some add-ons to specific projects. In addition, some add-ons are also applied to your entire Retable account.

Retable has the option to extend the limits where you can use different free and paid addons. Some of those addons include, but not limited to: Automation count, automation run count, upload limit and storage limit.

To install an add-on, click on the Add-ons icon in the top right corner of your project screen or click on the Add-ons button in the top left corner of your dashboard screen.

For more information about Retable addons, please see this faq.

Addon management panel

You can access the add-ons you've applied to your workspaces and projects from the add-on management panel located on your Retable dashboard. This allows you to manage the add-ons you've purchased from a single location, and easily apply new add-ons to the workspaces or projects of your choice through this panel.

  1. Go to your Retable dashboard

  2. Click on the "add-ons" icon located in the left panel

  3. Once you click, the add-on management panel will open

  4. After selecting the add-on you wish to purchase, you can choose which workspace or project you want to apply this add-on to

  5. Additionally, you can manage the add-ons you've purchased by clicking on the "Purchased add-ons" tab located in this panel.

Users with the Owner role can purchase add-ons for Projects and Workspaces.

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